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Army budget cuts will trim 8 brigades, reduce troop force by 80,000 soldiers


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206589-army-to-cut-at-least-8-brigades-reduce-troops-by-80000The Hill:


Jeremy Herb



The Army is planning to cut at least eight brigades and 80,000 troops as it trims its budgets, U.S. officials confirmed Wednesday.


The new brigade cuts, which will happen over several years, will reduce the number of Army troops to 490,000 from a high of 570,000. The cuts, first reported by The Associated Press, could reduce the number of brigades from 45 to as low as 32.


The Army’s force reduction has been expected by analysts, but the cuts are now getting finalized as part of the Pentagon’s 2013 budget, which is the first that will deal with a $487 billion reduction over the next decade.



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