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Day after call for political truces, Obama visibly snubs Arizona GOP governor


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day-after-call-for-political-truces-obama-visibly-snubs-arizona-gop-governorDaily Caller:

A day after he called for an end to perpetual political confrontation, President Barack Obama and his deputies publicly snubbed Arizona’s Republican governor when she welcomed him at the Phoenixairport.

Gov. Jan Brewer met him at first stop of his five-state campaign swing with a hand-written letter asking him to visit the state’s southern border, which is a hotbed of illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

But Obama suddenly turned cold, claiming that her Nov. 2011 book mischaracterized their previous White House meeting in June 2010. He then quickly walked away.

Shortly after, Obama’s press aides released a statement claiming Obama said she “inaccurately described the meeting.” The three-sentence statement ended curtly, saying that “the President looks forward to continuing taking steps to help Arizona’s economy grow.”

Brewer has repeatedly asked for the federal government’s help to secure Arizona’s border with Mexico, where drug wars have claimed more than 40,000 lives in recent years. Smugglers cross the Arizona border to bring their drugs — and their gang fights — into the state and onto the roads further north.

But Obama “doesn’t get it,” Brewer told a radio interviewer Wednesday at Arizona’s KFYI news station.


“He wants to talk about comprehensive immigration reform,” she said, but “we need to talk about the problems that Arizona is facing, and in that context, the problems going on in Mexico… [but] he just doesn’t get it.”


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