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Newt Was Hated But Elected Anyway. In 1989.


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Mitt Romney is busy trying to remake history. This just in from the campaign trail:

Not surprisingly, Gingrich has often been diminished by his colleagues in the House as a fast-talking demagogue, or worse. Beryl Anthony Jr. of Arkansas,the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says simply, "He's crazy." In 1985, The Washington Post wrote that "Newt Gingrich may be just about the most disliked member of Congress."

Only this was from 1989. By a Democrat. Before Gingrich’s peers elected him Speaker of the House. And before those peers reprinted his picture on their campaign literature more than Mao on May Day in Kumming, China.

The PBS interview went on to say:

Why, then, would Republicans choose him as a leader? Because he is a rare and compelling politician.


Sort of longish, but worth reading. Enjoy.
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