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A Hot Air debate?


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Hot Air:

Ed Morrissey

Last night, my friend Peter Ingemi expressed his dissatisfaction with the NBC debate — and the presidential debates in general — by proposing that Hot Air run a Republican primary debate, moderated by yours truly. Peter says he’s “dead serious” about this:

Just watched yet another GOP debate and was totally unamazed by the lack of questions on fast and furious and BS questions such as: “Why did theBush Tax Cuts fail?”. I think political types are sick of questions from people who want the GOP to fail.

I have a solution:

I suggest Hotair send an invitation to each candidate for a 2 hour debate moderated by Ed Morrissey.


Will the Republicans running for President agree to a forum that actually speaks to the voters they want to convince? I’ll let you know what answers we get. In the meantime, I want to thank all our friends for the vote of confidence in proposing this idea.
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Rheo cudjo


Mark Levin about the Constitution

Bill Bennett about social issues

Hugh Hewitt participial politics

Barry Rubin foreign affairs....And on And on And on.


Of these "debates" one one I liked the best was the one run by Frank Luntz. ask a question, step back and let the candidates talk to each other...WOW what a concept!


Who died and put Brian Williams, John Fisher...etc in charge?


This is not 40 years ago

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