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The State of History in 2012


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Real Clear History:

Samuel Chi

While waiting for the boat to take us across the channel to the USS Arizona Memorial, I overheard a group of college students discussing history. Unable to help myself, I lingered to eavesdrop. And this is the gist of what I heard:

“The World War II [sic] started with a bunch of countries on one side and a bunch of countries on the other side,” a young man began, his companions listening with rapt attention as if it were a lecture, “and we didn’t know which side we wanted to be on and we had a hard time picking sides. But when the Japanese attacked us, that made it easy to go against their side.”

I didn’t know whether I should be enraged at or take pity on the young man’s ignorance. But what was most troubling was that he was the one dispensing “knowledge”! The others -- judging by the fact that no one disputed or challenged his account -- knew less than he did, even after apparently 12 years of compulsory education.
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It makes sense, though, with the younger generations.....history is no longer taught as a stand alone subject in public schools, but in tandem with social studies. Perception has become more important than facts, histrionics more important than history.


What galls me is those from my own generation, who do not have the excuse of liberal indoctrination in school, are just as bad as the current crop of zombies coming up behind us.


I think my dotage is going to be a complicated time.

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