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Will Gingrich Self-Destruct?


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Nothing could be more ridiculous than emotionally imbalanced, illogical and prejudicial attacks like this:

@KurtSchlichter is always so delightfully sublime, sarcastic and smarmy that I’m willing to accept that he is only playing one of his many Twitter persona’s. But even if that were so, there are dozens of similar tweets including from the disgraced professional scandal snuffer - Ari Fleischer - saying the same. Newt will disintegrate and ruin the GOP. (Hmm. Where have I heard that before?)

I’m always alert to the hidden motives in people like this who demonstrate sensational screeds devoid of demonstrable fact. As Ron Paul might sound like they are a bit “overly sensitive.” Now whether this is because they can’t face the weakness of their own favorite who might be loosing, or worse – they are being paid to have this opinion – they embarrass themselves more than the candidate they are attacking when these arguments lack basis in fact.

Once again I need to give you the bird. Of truth. So there can be some balance to counteract these hacks. I am desperate for SOMEONE to give me FACTS (instead of conjecture) on why NOT to support Gingrich. So you show me where I’m wrong if you can.


Personally, I would rather see Newt than Mitt or Rick. Just the fact that he does have ideas and vision for the future, is good enough for me. Mitt for Sec of Treasury? Santorum for a morality czar?
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Ari Fleischer - saying the same. Newt will disintegrate and ruin the GOP.


Not only Ari. I was watch some clips of the talking heads this morning at RCP, and you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone Left Right Center saying that.


Two Clips from Rush that may explain this....


Right Scoop: Dec 8, 2011 Rush: Why the GOP establishment wants Romney



Right Scoop: Dec 5, 2011 Rush: GOP establishment makes me want to start cursing!

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I'm just going to say it.


I'm sorry. I just don't think they are wrong. I LOVE what Newt is SAYING. He is saying the right things, with the right tone, at the right time. But he is not a newt...he is a cameleon and that is a dangerous thing.


But these are people who know him, like it or not, and they are not just supporting the other guy. They are fearful. There is a huge difference.


I've noticed there are a LOT of people who WORKED with the guy, who know him through and through and have EXACTLY the same politics that are being REALLY quiet.


I have a VERY bad feeling about this. If I'm wrong, I'll take the I told you sos, but this is not about establishment vs. the little guys. It's being framed that way by people who have something to gain.


I am not much of a Romney supporter. But I just have this horrific feeling about Newt. He could REALLY damage us. As in Richard Nixon damage us. It's not his beliefs. It is him.

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