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New Team Obama Re-Election Gimmick: Is America a Post-Racial Society?


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American Thinker:

Suddenly, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not we live in a "post-racial society." With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, I can only conclude that, despicably, "race-baiting" will be a major component of the left's and the White House's Obama re-election campaign.

Recently, a black publication interviewed me for an article, the topic being "Is America a post-racial society?" Then, flipping through the TV channels, I caught a bit of two blacks on CNN discussing whether or not America is a post-racial society. It's coming up everywhere lately.
I am just giving you a heads-up, folks. All this talk about a post-racial society, which sounds like it came out of a marketing strategy meeting, is designed simply to accuse all who are against Obama's re-election of being non-post-racial. In other words, racist.

The post-racial discussion is absurd, divisive, and a waste of time -- a distraction from real issues. The fact that America elected a black man to be leader of the free world confirms that Americans think post-racially. Blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. Even if every black in America voted for Obama, without millions of white votes, Obama would not have been elected. Are we a post-racial society? Of course we are.
What I find so repulsive is that the left and the Obama administration are well aware of this truth. And yet, they will, without hesitation or conscience, double down on their efforts to inspire black hatred against white Tea Partiers and fuel white guilt to achieve their goals.
I witnessed a moving example of our post-racial society while watching a pro football playoff game on TV. Upon winning the game, black football player Vernon Davis, with tears running down his face, ran over to his white coach, Jim Harbaugh. Davis cried as he and Harbaugh hugged for a long time. They were just two men: a respected coach and a respected player. Race did not matter. America is a post-racial society.

Only agenda-driven knuckleheads design new tactics to keep Americans apart, suspicious of one another, and at each other's throats along racial lines.

Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying racism, on both sides, does not exist in America. Of course, it does, along with every other sin. Such will be the case until the Lord takes us home. But as a nation, the American people have proven themselves honorable, fair-minded, compassionate, and extremely generous.

The '60s TV series Star Trek was an excellent example of a "post-racial society." The crew was of various races and yet they related to each other as individuals. Race was irrelevant.snip
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Mr. Marcus must be writing this to those who have lived out of the country for the past three years. Since the 2008 election all who did not vote for The "o" have been called racist, anyone who opposes his policies have been called racist and anyone who cries "Foul" over his many dalliances in contra-Constitutional experimentation have been called racist. Newt Gingrich is called racist for suggesting that giving poor black children a chance to earn money while working in their school is racist. Mitt Romney is a racist for giving $50 to a poor woman who needed to pay her electric bill.....she just happened to be black.


When blacks throw out the word "Racist" they believe that all opposition to what ever argument they are making at the time will stop, and historically this has generally been true. Those that would try that tactic in this election should take heed.......it has NOT WORKED against the overwhelming outcry against the policies of The "o" and his minions. That is the measure of the feeling of the country, in general, toward him and his policies.

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Between now and the election, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey, Tavis Smiley, etc, etc will given huge amounts of face time in the MSM to tell us how racist we have been and continue to be toward the "O" and disenfranchised black voters.


And expect the angry black woman to get even angrier at us, too.

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We ain't seen nuttin yet. It is only going to get worse and even more divisive. What else is there for them to do? Run on his record?? Not likely.


In the far reaches of my brain, a very dark place, I see a point at which the pot has been stirred so well, riots will break out when he loses. Just as in the aftermath of certain trials. And the left delights is helping stir up the minority.


Post racial can't be one-sided. I think the majority is, but the minority has yet to accept the fact. ((Is that racial?))

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AndrewBreitbart AndrewBreitbart

Get to Know 'The Racialists' - Or Else. The MSM's favorite race baiters: bit.ly/Arw0Sn @TimJacobWise @Toure @MichaelEDyson @TheRevAl

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