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Clyburn: Newt Saying He Wants White Students To See Black Students As Their Janitor “Servers”


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"What he is talking about stratifying people. He is saying that the poor children in their schools ought to be the janitors in their schools. So that other people in the schools who are not so poor can see them as their servers. That is what we get from what he is saying. And to talk about what his daughter may have done. His daughter was never a janitor in the school she attended. That to me is a double standard. I understand what he is saying and most African Americans understand what he is saying. And we are not going to stand for it.”
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With the new software coming online soon, should I learn the new procedure for posting YouTube's now? YouTube is clickable at the above site.

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The new software will actually make posting videos easier.


For now, If you look at your original post you will see player_embedded. To avoid that it is easiest right now to go to the youtube you want, click share, click options, check long link. Copy that url and paste into the Insert media icon on TRR.

and you will get

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