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Amazon pushes Kindle Fire touch update


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Amazon on Wednesday issued a software update for its Kindle Fire tablet that it said addresses some of the most vocal complaints about the device, including a sluggish response to touch and a lack of parental controls.

The 6.2.1 update "enhances fluidity and performance [and] improves touch navigation responsiveness," Amazon claimed in a note on its website Wednesday. Other changes let users select which items appear on the Fire's "carousel," effectively the device's start page, and password-lock the Wi-Fi connection, two options parents had demanded in order to prevent children from seeing all content on the tablet, or monkeying with the crucial link to the Web.

Not addressed were complaints rooted in the hardware, including a lack of external volume controls and the position of the On/Off switch, which some feel is too easy to accidentally trigger.

The update was expected: Last week, the New York Times quoted an Amazon official as saying that the company would deliver a Fire software upgrade shortly.

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