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Kamikaze conservative


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Legal Insurrection :

William A. Jacobson
December 21, 2011

Ann, we get it, you support Mitt and you don’t like Newt. Nothing wrong with that, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

But in the quest to sink the U.S.S. Newt, you are becoming a political kamikaze.

First, you played the birther card on the entire Tea Party movement, claiming that the only reason Romney does not get Tea Party support is that Tea Party supporters want someone “bombastically” to demand Obama’s birth certificate and call him a Kenyan.



Ron Paul? How do you get from supporting someone who still stands by Romneycare to someone who wants to go back to the gold standard? Or at least, how to you make that intellectual journey with a straight face?

You have reached the point where your persona is about to crash into the conservative aircraft carrier. It’s not too late to pull back. Chris Christie is waiting for you on shore.

The More I see these kind of attacks on Newt Gingrich, the more I want to support him.

Attack his ideas...fine...no problem...go for it. But I for one am getting more than a little tired of the Ann Coulter's, Mark Styen's of the world and there style of attacks.

If Newt wins the nomination it will be...interesting to watch them walk this back.
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Well, they say starving your body, starves your brain so maybe this is what is happening to Ann. This is crazy stuff. I was surprised when she endorsed Romney in the first place and now this.

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Don't forget the way she drooled all over that fat guy from New Jersey, either. Ann sure has sime unusual tastes in men in politics.


But Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich? I'd have trouble supporting Ron Paul over Obama, since that's a choice between one extremists and that of another. Coulter has never been the same since she stopped dating Bill Maher (MORE bad taste in men),

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