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Secret Santa trend snowballs


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Secret Santa trend snowballs
Acts of kindness brighten the holidays for families with children as anonymous donors pay off layaway contracts across the country.


Giselle Smith


Tue, Dec 13, 2011 10:19 PM

When a young woman walked up to the layaway counter at a Grand Rapids, Mich., Kmart store on Dec. 5 and asked to anonymously pay off three customers' layaway bills, she probably had no idea she would be starting a trend.

The story -- originally reported on West Michigan's WOOD TV8 and picked up by newspapers and blogs around the country -- related how a woman, who appeared to be in her 30s, looked through the 800 or so layaway contracts at the Plainfield Avenue Kmart and chose three, on which she paid all but $10 on each. The total cost was about $500, WOOD TV8 reported.

The woman requested that the layaway tickets include toys for children, and the only clue she left to her identity was a note scribbled on each ticket that said "Happy Holidays from a friend."

Since then, such secret Santa acts of kindness appear to be snowballing.

[H/T Gateway's Niece of GatewayPundit]

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