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Occupy Wall St. Hits New Milestone: 5,000 Arrests


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After more than two months of assaults, vandalism, resisting arrest, and more, the Occupy Wall Street movement has a new accomplishment: more than 5,000 arrests.

The most recent tally, handled by the Occupy Arrests Twitter feed, was from Nov. 25 and was at 4,752. But, arrests of Occupiers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia last night should push that total to a new milestone.

According to the Associated Press, LA police arrested “more than 200 who defied orders to leave.” AP reported that another 52 were arrested in the City of Brotherly Love, safely pushing the total above 5,000.

Confronting police and getting arrested has been a primary Occupier strategy since roughly 700 people were arrested trying to seize the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1. Since that date, the battles between police and Occupiers have spanned the globe.

Occupy Arrests, which tracks the arrests by location, shows New York is the top city for arrests. More than 1,400 Occupiers have been arrested at Wall Street alone. Chicago, Tucson, Boston, and Oakland have also been hot spots for arrests. But close behind is Melbourne, Australia, with more than 100 arrests on its own.

Arrests in some of those cases were very confrontational, but AP said last night’s were “relatively peaceful.” “By dawn in Los Angeles, trash, flattened tents and the stench of urine were the Occupy LA legacy,” according to AP.snip
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