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Christmas in November!


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The Boston Herald:

Christmas in November!
howie_carr.gif?1=1 By Howie Carr
Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - Updated 4 hours ago

Our long national nightmare is over. No need for Santa Claus to bring me anything this year, because I got my present yesterday at Newton City Hall when Barney Frank threw in his hand.

Good luck finding a grief counselor today — they’ve all been dispatched to Morrissey Boulevard, where his comrades are on suicide watch, their belts, shoelaces and bow ties confiscated.

Barney spoke “frankly” and “candidly” and “to be honest,” so you can take everything he said with a grain of salt. But it appears that he really, really didn’t like his new district, which contains the “Utah” of Massachusetts — the Attleboros, Bellingham, Seekonk, Rehoboth, Wrentham, etc.
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Everyone is searching for the real answer of "Why is Barney quitting his job now?"


It's the most obvious and the most often used reason in the world...

"To spend more time with my family".



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