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Unions, Judicial Activists and Democrats Lose Big in the Badger State


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American Thinker:

Justice has been served in Wisconsin, with the rebuke of a judicial activist judge, union dues taking a hit, and Democrats losing a source of coerced donations.

What happened in the streets of Madison and in the unruly, mob-packed Capitol there in February and March, when enraged public workers, mostly teachers, took over, despoiling the place, was to us ordinary tax-paying folks, plainly despicable.

Events then foretold of a potential ripping of both the rule of law and doing fiscal damage to the state's taxpayers, besides physical damage to the Capitol. Thankfully, the law and fiscal sanity and some measure of respect for others' rights and property, finally prevailed when the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tuesday, June 14, sided with the Governor Scott Walker-led bill to curb some, but not all, collective bargaining "rights" of public employees.

After the law was enacted and signed by Gov. Walker, you'll recall, Judge Maryann Sumi, a liberal activist judge, issued first a temporary retraining order, then a permanent injunction barring it from going into effect. In this she was doing the bidding of union attorneys. Legal experts en masse predicted this week's high court decision, so outlandish was Judge Sumi's orders. The new budget-fixing law limits certain collective bargaining for public employees, not including law enforcement and firefighters, and forbade their unions from tapping members' government paychecks for automatic dues withdrawal.

(It is said by Madison insiders the automatic dues withdrawal feature going belly up was at the crux of union bosses' opposition. It was the inner-deeper-hidden-secret behind their implicit orders for the 14 Democrat state senators to flee the state rather than stand up and be counted. Shutting down the democratic process somehow held appeal for these pro-union senators. Do you think, just maybe, campaign contributions had something to do with it? Just wild speculation here.)snip
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This morning the teachers union filed a lawsuit declaring the law unconstitutional and asking for a stay until the court rules. These people are so used to to things going their way all the time that they cannot take NO for an answer.

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So the State Supreme Court did not rule on constitutionality of law, just that the process to pass the law was OK. I think. Hope there is not a stay issued.

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Last night Robert Reich was rabid about this- he is so pro organized Labor and so anti anything Republican and so proleftyliberal union it is just ludicrous:


REICH: The reality of the economic moment does give more force and effect and to some extent more legitimacy to governors who are seeking to break public sector unions and also governors such as in New Hampshire and Missouri that are going after private sector unions, and saying no, we're going to make this a so-called open shop state and you don't have to join a union if you don't want to, even though it's a unionized organization and a unionized plant.


But this is undercover of a much broader agenda here. And the agenda has been going back years and years. I mean, unions, public sector and private sector unions, have been the backbone of the middle class, the working class, and the Democratic Party.

Republican efforts to undermine unions - and they've looked for this opportunity, this is the opportunity they have been seeking to put people against people, working people against people who are other working people. Whether it's unionized versus non-unionized or public sector unions versus non-public sector unions, or to some extent immigrants against native-born.


I mean, this whole approach that we are kind of a poor nation, we are scrambling after crumbs, if you get something and that means less for me, without recognition that we are richer than we've ever been, the GDP is higher than it was before the great recession, but most of the gains of economic growth certainly over the past 30 years, Eliot, have gone to the top 1 percent.


At least he admits the unions' bosses are the backbone of the Democrat Party.


the gains of economic growth have gone to the top 1% ??? UMMMM wonder if he means the O and Michelle and Pelozi?

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