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PAT CONDELL on Islamic Cultural Terrorism


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When I fist saw this I thought it said Pat Caddell :P So I went to watch.


Glad I did though. The man knows where of he speaks. Live in Europe one month and you'll see what is happening. It was bad 10 years ago and is only increasing.

I liked his explanations of Islamophobia and about racist/racism.


A completely different note but not really if one thinks about it:


It greatly and even personally disturbs me and actually breaks my heart to see black/AfricanAmerican women walking around the malls here dressed totally in Burkas. It distresses me to see young white American girls wearing the scarves etc as they take my money at the parking lot or sell me make up.


Sure I understand anyone has the right to choose their religion. I am tolerant of the fact. Hey, its a free Country! But it was founded on Judeo/Christian principles because the founders all believed in the One True Creator God they knew from both Testaments. Whether one is Jew, Catholic, Protestant or agnostic or a nose ring acolyte or a space cadet does not change the fact that one God is God of us all and we are told to make a choice.


But why any American born citizen, reared and educated in freedom would turn their back and return to such bondage is beyond me. Atheists and agnostics I can truly understand. Been there.

But to have heard the "gospel" your entire life, to have celebrated Christmas and Resurrection Day (Easter) from the cradle on....


Rejection of Him and His Gift of pure Love is just truly heart breaking and sad.


But that's the way humankind always has been and will continue to be. Blind, deaf and hard hearted. Sad.

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