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Private sector, not public, has failed us


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Mpls (Red) Star Tribune:


Clearly, the greatest threat to the reelection of Barack Obama is the economy -- the struggle to create more jobs.

Polls confirm that only 37 percent of Americans believe Obama is improving the economy. Fueling those doubts is the conservative rant about job creation.

Trouble is, this rant is inconsistent with their other rants -- like the one that holds "government doesn't create jobs, only the private sector can." And there's also their contention that jobs are created by the wealthy, who must be stimulated and rewarded to do so.

This leaves a gaping hole in conservative logic when they blame Obama for the weakness in our economy.

The mantra of Republicans and conservatives has always been to bless the private sector and urge government to "get out of the way, and let capitalism work." Great! Then where are the jobs?

It has been the private sector (not government or Obama) that has brought us to this malaise, if not crisis, and it is the private sector that is not helping us out of it.


Myles Spicer is a retired ad agency owner in Minnetonka.
(Note: They somehow faol to mention Myles also writes Here :blink:

If after reading this deeply insightful article you can spot and name the errors you'll win a valuable prize...no really it's a really really valuable prize. Now I'm not saying it could be an all expense paid trip to Esko Mn. (in Feb.)...but you never know.
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I could be wrong but I get the impression you're finding one or two faults with Mr. Spicer's logic. :D

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