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Chicago's Violent Flash Mobs


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American Thinker:

Stories about violent "flash mobs" roaming Chicago's North Side neighborhoods have been in the news the past 2 weeks. People are worried about the impact these mobs will have on tourism and the city's economy. Some are asking why this social unrest is happening, now, so soon after Mayor Daley left office.

Kevin O'Neil writes in the CTA Tattler, "Chicago police and Streeterville universities are warning residents and passersby to be aware of traveling mobs of teenagers who use the CTA and cell phones to meet up in the Near North Side area and commit crimes..."
O'Neil continues, "Police arrested seven young men in their mid-to-late teen Saturday night on "mob action" charges after about two dozen men attacked a person parking his scooter in the 300 block of E. Chicago Avenue...according to a Tribune news report."
Other flash mob incidents this year include: "A group of 70 youths storming a McDonald's at Chicago and State and creating a disturbance that forced the restaurant to close for three hours."

There were also "'Flash mob offenders' exiting the Chicago/State Red Line station and shoplifting at area stores. This behavior prompted Loyola University to warn students and staff at its Water Tower campus."

These incidents can be added to a flash mobs contributing to the closing of Chicago's North Avenue Beach and to other muggings in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood.

Most of these flash mob incidents involved African-American youths who use social websites and cell phones to coordinate their activity. According to Jack Marshall, "The Chicago media has adopted an odd policy in reporting the incidents: it has not reported the fact that the mobs were made up of African-American youths."

Flash mobs of African-American youths are not the only reporting about race that is ignored in the Chicago media. For too long the media has ignored the hypersegregation in the city, as well.

The Huffington Post reports, "Chicago is known as the most segregated city in the United States -- so much so, in fact, that the term "hypersegregation" was coined to describe the ghettoized separation of blacks on the South Side and whites on the North. According to data released by the Census Bureau this week, that trend isn't getting any better."snip
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