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YFrog ‘glitch’ generates random, offensive tweets tied to verified lawmakers’ Twitter accounts


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Daily Caller:

Confusing and offensive postings to YFrog.com, allegedly from the certified Twitter accounts of various U.S. lawmakers, have been caused by an apparent technical failure affecting users of the image-sharing site.

“I love to smoke the good..” writes @NancyPelosi above a smoke-trail laden image of Space Shuttle Discovery’s February 24, 2011 launch from Kennedy Space Center — an odd bit of wording for what was earlier publicly shared using the tweet, “Just watched Discovery launch @NASAKennedy – spectacular! Follow @NASA for more on #STS133 http://yfrog.com/hsoazyj.”

“We did not post that text,” said Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s communications director. “We immediately contacted Twitter officials who contacted YFrog after the media inquiry from The Daily Caller.”snip
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