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GOP Contenders: Please Put Your Egos On Hold


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American Thinker:

While most of the non-LPD (Liberal-Progressive-Democrat) world is alternately fascinated and amused by the political rope-a-dope activities of the various presidential contenders, it is critical that they not lose sight of one simple fact. Regardless of who is ultimately elected President in November 2012, it will be impossible to repeal ObamaCare; restructure Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; and pass a budget that reduces the size of government -- unless one of two scenarios occur:

a) A conservative/Tea Party/Republican candidate wins the presidency and enough conservative/Tea Party Republicans are elected to the Senate to take the majority and enough conservative/Tea Party/Republicans are re-elected or replace Democrats in the House to maintain their majority.

B) President Obama is re-elected and enough conservative/Tea Party/Republicans are elected to the Senate to create a veto-proof supermajority and enough conservative/Tea Party/Republicans replace Democrats in the House to create a veto-proof supermajority.
To accomplish the first would require Republicans to have a net gain of 13 above their current 47 members to give them 60 seats in the Senate, which would allow them to control any cloture vote. Some current Republican Senators, such as Scott Brown of Massachusetts, are at risk of losing their bid for re-election, so the exact number of new wins needed for a supermajority is fluid, but the net requirement is locked in at 13 more Republican senators. Republicans would also need to hold at least 218 of the 241 the seats they currently hold in the House.
To accomplish the second scenario, Republicans would have to have a net gain of 20 seats (out of a 23 Democrat and caucusing independents up for election) to bring them to 67 seats in the Senate. Sixty-seven is the magic number of seats that would be needed to override an Obama veto. A net gain in the House of 51 seats to control 292 seats would be required to insure a veto proof Congressional super-majority.snip
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