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The Obamas: Chilidogs and Couture


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American Thinker:

In these perilous times, people accuse me of being obsessed with pap like Michelle and Barack Obama's food and clothing. But it should be obvious that it's not about the food or the clothes; it's about double standards, arrogance, and hypocrisy, all of which impact policy and governing, whether directly or indirectly.

The truth is, Mr. and Mrs. Obama are free to eat a side of beef every day and take two cargo planes full of couture everywhere they go if they want to. However, a problem arises when the first couple exercises a lifestyle that their policy edicts try to deny everyone else.

Case in point: One day after "piece of the pie" maven Michelle Obama "unveiled the USDA's new nutritional plate," Obama chose to eat outside the colored lines. The new pyramid replacement plate is split into four easy-to-follow sections -- red for fruits; orange for grains; purple for protein; green, the largest section, for veggies; and a blue circular satellite for dairy.

Michelle and the USDA put their heads together and decided what, and how much, we should eat. One problem -- Barry isn't obeying, and if I had to guess, based on history, neither is Shelley.

Customarily, the day after an Obama directive is issued the President usually makes some sort of public announcement, in word or deed, exempting himself and his wife from what they demand from the rest of us. For example: Ridicule SUV drivers and then soon after, gas up Air Force One and fly cross-country just to make a TV appearance or attend a fundraiser.

In this case, Michelle promoted healthy foods like quinoa and Brussels sprouts one day and the next day Obama brazenly stuffed his face with such a large hunk of chilidog that he made champion hot dog eaters Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi look like rank amateurs.

By choosing to eat at Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo, Ohio, Barack made yet another in a long list of symbolic exemptions for himself, except this time the statement took the form of two frankfurters smothered in chili and a pile of greasy, salty French fries.snip
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