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Operation Saving Congressman Ryan


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American Thinker:

What part of "the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older" do Democrats and the liberal media not understand? Why would the Democrats produce a blatantly lying video ad showing Congressman Ryan pushing granny over a cliff, and why would the liberal media allow them to get away with it?

Are the Democrats and their lib media buddies intellectually challenged and unable to grasp the concept of "does not"? No, they are co-conspirators in their despicable mission to manipulate, terrify, and deceive seniors.

Their distortion of Ryan's Medicare proposal is an example of the evil Democrat/liberal media tag-team juggernaut which challenges us in the 2012 election.

We cannot allow these shameless liars to successfully brand Ryan's heroic effort to save Medicare as a Republican plot to end Medicare and kill seniors. Former Obama adviser and far-left radical, Van Jones, even compared Ryan's budget to an attack by Al-Qaeda.

Such over-the-top fear tactics and lies work when not refuted.

Patriots, it is going to take an all-hands-on-deck herculean effort on our part to spread the truth about Ryan's plan, countering the Obama machine's liberal media-supported lies.

Use your creativity. Shoot and post videos. Gather patriots on street corners and in parks; all chanting the same mantra, "The Dems lie! Ryan's budget does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older."

The Bizzaro-world aspect of the Medicare debate is that while Dems and liberal media attack Ryan, Obama is the one planning to cut 500 billion dollars from Medicare, which cut is repealed in Ryan's plan. Ryan's proposal also repeals Obama's death panels.

My 99-year-old black grandmother adores Obama. Little does she know Obama's health rationing panels would deem her a poor investment for certain medical procedures. I envision my grandmother's application rubber-stamped, "DENIED" and a federal clerk yelling, "Next!"

Everybody knows Medicare is on the road to bankruptcy. So, why would the Democrats set out to destroy, portraying Paul Ryan as the devil's advocate, the one guy making a sincere effort to save Medicare for future generations?snip
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