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Yemen: President Saleh recovering after rocket attack as five officials sent to Saudi Arabia for treatment


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The Telegraph:

Five leading members of the Yemeni government have been sent to Saudi Arabia for treatment of wounds they suffered in a rebel rocket attack on the presidential palace.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh suffered head injuries but was not among those sent to Saudi Arabia.

Hisham Sharaf, minister of trade and industry, said he met with Mr Saleh in Yemen on Friday night and that the president remained defiant in the face of escalating violence. Months of peaceful demonstrations to oust the regime have become a raging military conflict in the capital and elsewhere.

"He was in very high morale. The strike that doesn't break you makes you stronger. The strike made him more adamant that he won't handover the country until he is sure it will be safe and clear of militias," Mr Sharaf said.
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