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Klavan's one-state solution


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Power Line:

Scott Johnson

In what Middle East country do Arabs enjoy the greatest civil liberties? That is a question worthy of the investigation of the Middle East correspondents of Time, the Washington Post, the New York Times, et al. It may even be worthy of reflection by President Obama.

Freedom House conducts an annual survey that goes a long way in answering the question. The Kuwait Times published a good article on the Freedom House survey in 2008. I'm pretty sure the Kuwait Times did a better job on the story than the New York Times did. The New York Times gave it the silent treatment.



This is a point we have made many times before, but it is an important point that bears repetition. It is one point that, among others, even seems to have inspired Andrew Klavan to develop "Klavan's one-state solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews." Whether or not one agrees with Klavan's one-state solution, his explanation is a creative teaching device. Now if we could only get him a little face time with President Obama. . .

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Good video, thanks, Valin.


"Kish meir yiddische tuchas"


Reinforces point Bibi made to Congress: Arabs are freer in Israel than in their own country.

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