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General Motors not eager to be political talking point in 2012


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Daily Caller:

When Chrysler announced at the end of April that it repaid most of its $10.5 billion loan from the federal government, Democrats seized on the opportunity to declare the unpopular bailout a success story. The Chrysler announcement, combined with General Motors’ (GM) previous claim that it had already paid back half of its $50 billion bailout, has put the auto companies in a unique position for the 2012 election cycle.

In other words, all signs point toward GM becoming a major talking point in the 2012 election cycle. But don’t expect the GM leadership to be particularly enthusiastic about being a poster child of a Democratic agenda — even though that particular party is the one that saved them from bankruptcy.

“No one at GM is happy” that it is “going to be used as one of President Obama’s success stories,” a source familiar with the internal dynamics of GM’s business told The Daily Caller, adding that the car company is not exactly on the same page as the White House in terms of declaring victory.

GM’s “not hanging a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner and they shouldn’t either,” the source told TheDC, citing current economic and industry woes.snip
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