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Impeach the Czars!


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American Thinker:

Since taking office, President Obama has adorned himself with a crown of czars. It's time for Congress to pry them loose.

The United States Constitution requires that most senior federal officers must be confirmed by the Senate before assuming office. Included are appointments for positions throughout the federal government, for the Cabinet and subcabinet, for members of regulatory commissions, for ambassadorships, for judgeships, and for members of numerous advisory boards.

Over the last two years, there has been extensive and prolonged political grumbling over President Obama's appointment of numerous "czars": administration officials with considerable management and sometimes almost dictatorial authority, arbitrarily made not-subject to the constitutional requirement for Senate approval of their appointments. In many cases, these positions were filled by individuals whose approval by the Senate would have been extremely unlikely, and their activities have often usurped the normal and constitutional role of Cabinet Secretaries and other duly appointed and confirmed officials. This is a conspicuously devious maneuver by Obama (and a gross expansion of the practices of previous presidents) to circumvent the constitutional requirement of congressional confirmation. It has also been resented by members of both parties and by both Houses of Congress, whose power has been arrogated by the Presidency.

During the final maneuvering of Congress to fund the government for 2011, the House of Representatives attached a rider to HR 1473, the Full Year Continuing Resolution Act of 2011, that specifically denied funding for several of President Obama's "czars." snip
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