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A Campaign Built on a Foundation of Falsehoods & Fear


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House Budget Committee:

June 1, 2011

In a web video last week, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan made clear: “Washington has not been honest with you about Medicare.” Nonpartisan, independent fact checkers agree.

The President and his party’s leaders continue to use blatant falsehoods in attacking the House Republicans’ plan to protect and save Medicare.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is the latest leading Democrat to distort and demagogue the only plan put forward that saves Medicare. Earlier this week, Wasserman Schultz falsely stated that seniors would be denied coverage under the Republican plan. This statement has no basis in fact, as made clear by a round of fact checkers:

Politifact.com: “We rate her statement False” (Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Ryan Medicare plan would allow insurers to use pre-existing conditions as barrier to coverage – 6/1/2011)

FactCheck.org: “She is simply wrong…” (DNC Chair Throws Truth to ‘Wolves’, 5/31/2011)

The Fact Checker, Washington Post: Even an expert cited by the DNC called the comment “high-octane idiocy” (Wasserman Schultz’s bogus claim that the GOP Medicare plan will ‘throw you to the wolves’ – 6/1/2011)

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Unfortunately, the people that believe her don't read this site nor would bother to fact check.


Her interview where she found fault with Republicans for having issue with

was pure madness. I almost threw my coffee mug at the monitor. She's a piece of work.
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Major hurl alert is warranted. Wasserman Schultz started off on the wrong Weiner when she said, "there are twelve million undocumented immigrants in this country"


Sane people would not put the two words together: undocumented + immigrants


One is either a trespasser or an immigrant.


Only panderers the likes of Wasserman Schultz and other Dems put the two words together. Probably a RINO or two as well.

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