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RNC chair taking on Obama, the media and millions in debt


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Daily Caller:

Reince Priebus has his mind on his money, and his money on his mind.

The Republican National Committee chairman said he dials for dollars about five hours a day, calling different donors to the party in scheduled 15-minute blocks.

“Almost the entire day is spent either raising money, thinking about how to raise money, arguing about money, worried about money or figuring out new ways to raise money,” Priebus told The Daily Caller during an interview at his Capitol Hill offices.

It’s an uphill battle for Priebus, who has to woo donors to help pay down about $19 million in debt and prepare for a 2012 campaign to defeat President Obama. The committee owed $24 million when Priebus took office in January.

“I think that the debt and the financial situation was worse than many of us realized,” he said of taking over from former chairman Michael Steele.

The committee’s members ousted Steele, who recently signed up as an MSNBC contributor, and elected Priebus after complaints about Steele’s commitment to raising money from donors, his stewardship of the committee’s finances and his penchant for being on TV and promoting himself.snip
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