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Top Obama health aide cashes out after health 'reform'


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Washington Examiner:

An Obama appointee who played a central role in crafting the 2010 health care bill has cashed out to a well-connected lobbying firm, where her first clients are two of the bill's beneficiaries: abortion provider Planned Parenthood and a hospital chain.
Liz Engel was deputy assistant secretary for legislation at the Department of Health and Human Services. Today she is a managing director at the Glover Park Group in the health and wellness practice. Her story further highlights the coziness of this administration with the abortion industry, and also undermines President Obama's portrayal of the health care bill as a broadside against special interests.

Most importantly, Engel's spin through the revolving door shows the emptiness of the new ethics rules that the White House brags about at every opportunity.

Engel was already an accomplished private-sector lawyer in 2007 when she came to the Democratic Senate Policy Committee to serve as "health policy adviser." After the 2008 election, she joined Obama's transition team, working on the health care policy working group.

According to her bio on the Glover Park Group website, her job there was "conducting outreach on behalf of the health care policy working group to trade associations, businesses, unions and advocacy organizations." In other words, she helped persuade industries to support Obama's plan. In the end, the drug lobby, the doctor lobby, and the hospital lobby all backed the bill -- and, of course, so did Planned Parenthood.

Engel's boss at the task force was former Sen. Tom Daschle, a consultant at the lobbying firm Alston & Bird, where he had health care clients. Engel's task-force colleagues included former Daschle staffer Mark Childress, a health care lobbyist at the well-connected firm Foley Hoag.

Daschle's nomination to head HHS flamed out, but Childress became chief of staff at the department. Engel was one of his first hires.snip
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The Obama Administration is a perfect storm of all things wrong with leadership....











Extreme Liberalism

Corruption with the Power to pull it off.

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