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President Obama: Joplin won't be forgotten


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Saying community response in the tornado-strafed community of Joplin, Mo., taught a lesson on “what makes life worth living,” President Obama pledged Sunday that the spotlight may shift, but “we will be with you.”

“You look out at the landscape, there have to be moments when you just say: How to begin? Where to start?” Obama said at a memorial service. “There is no doubt in my mind that Joplin will rebuild. We will be with you, every step of the way.”

Last week’s massive tornado in Joplin killed at least 139 people, and 39 others are still missing.

It was the third time in recent weeks that Obama headed out to console a traumatized community. He recently visited flood victims in Tennessee and the site of deadly tornadoes in Alabama.

Standing before a white-and-red robed choir from a local congregation, Obama told the audience at a prayerful memorial service at Missouri Southern University that “there are heroes all around us.”

“We are called by them to do everything we can to be worthy of the chance we have been given to carry on,” he said.

In a speech that was by turns somber, spiritual and rousing, Obama delivered a message that the good deeds that followed the storm — donations of food and blood, doors used as stretchers in the backs of pickup trucks delivering the injured to the hospital — underscore the value of community.

“It’s in these moments through our action, that we often see the glimpse of what makes life worth living in the first place,” Obama said.

The president visited Joplin the morning after returning to the White House from a week overseas. En route to the devastated community, Air Force One flew over Joplin and the debris field.

I'm sure he'll remember Joplin the next time he goes on vacation...
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Right Scoop TV: An Inspiring speech at Joplin Memorial


"These are the kind of speeches I just love to post. This one was from Reverend Aaron Brown of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Joplin who spoke at the Joplin Memorial service today. He is a man who truly loves Jesus and a man who isn’t afraid to say it in front of politicians and a national audience. It’s not a long speech but one that I found truly inspiring. If I lived in Joplin I’d be at his church next Sunday.



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