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NLRB rules that large inflatable rat balloons are acceptable in union protests


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Daily Caller:

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on Thursday that labor unions should have the right to display 16-foot, rat-shaped balloons outside businesses with which they disagree.

The majority of the board decided that displaying a towering rat outside a hospital using non-union contractors, for example, does not have the same “coercive” effect as a traditional picket line. If displaying the rat balloon outside a business had been deemed “picketing,” unions wouldn’t be allowed to attack their target businesses’ credibility in such a way without the negative consequences of a strike, like wage loss. Such tactics have become a major weapon in union arsenals.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce labor policy expert Glenn Spencer told The Daily Caller the large inflatable rats actually have a similar effect to strikes, and that’s something the NLRB knows.

“While some people will see an inflatable rat as a sophomoric stunt, others will not,” Spencer said in an email. “This intimidation of customers could have a harmful impact on employers and workers who have nothing to do with an underlying labor dispute. Unfortunately it’s just one more example of how the NLRB seems at odds with the administration’s message of job creation and economic recovery.”snip
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