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Judge strikes ban on corporations donating directly to candidates


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The Hill:

Jordy Yager

A federal judge ruled Thursday the ban on corporations giving money directly to political candidates is unconstitutional.

In a case involving two Virginia men accused of illegally donating money to Hillary Clinton’s Senate and presidential campaigns, Judge James Cacheris of the U.S. District for the Eastern District of Virginia delivered a ruling on Thursday that dismissed a charge against two men by finding that if corporations are entitled to the same freedom of speech rights as individuals -- as was ruled by the Supreme Court -- then corporations should have the same rights as individuals when donating money to political campaigns.


“If human beings can make direct campaign contributions within [the Federal Election Campaign Act’s] limits without risking quid pro quo corruption or its appearance, and if… corporations and human beings are entitled to equal political speech rights, then corporations must also be able to contribute within FECA’s limits,” said Cacheris in his 52-page ruling.

(Snip) citizens united v. federal election commission
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