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NY Post:

snipAs newly minted princess Kate Middleton greeted Michelle Obama in the ornate surroundings of Buckingham Palace Tuesday, it was hard to believe she was wearing a $340 dress from British retailer Reiss — a frock any commoner could buy.

Middleton’s appearance in the nude-hued “Shola” dress sparked a shopping frenzy, causing the retailer’s Web site to crash and the dress to immediately sell out. And now style watchers are hailing the Duchess of Cambridge as “the pauper’s princess” — the first stylish royal to embrace affordable trends, and the perfect recession-era symbol.

For their first meeting, Kate Middleton wore a $340 Reiss dress, while Michelle Obama chose a designer dress worth more than $2,000.

“Kate is a princess of our times,” says Zanna Roberts Rassi, senior fashion editor at Marie Claire. “She’s more of a people’s princess than Diana. Diana was understated, but she liked her labels. Kate’s heralding this almost changing of the guard, from the stuffy royal family to this modern-day princess that we can all relate to.”snip

While Michelle Obama has also been applauded for wearing clothes from affordable stores such as J.Crew and H&M, she also favors big-name designers such as Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo. The floral Barbara Tfank dress she wore to meet Middleton this week cost at least $2,000.

And while Middleton has championed the midpriced designer line Issa and bespoke coats by Katherine Hooker, the only occasion when she’s worn a high-end designer was her wedding — a move that Marie Claire’s Roberts Rassi cheered, along with the rest of the fashion world.snip
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Have the London Bookmakers made any bets on how much of that $2000 went to covering Moochelle's arse?

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Proof positive that money and taste are not synonymous. Example two...Donald Trumps hair.

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