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Rush Limbaugh Does 'Family Guy'


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Politics Daily:

Rush Limbaugh is set to make an appearance -- well, his voice anyway -- on Fox's animated show "Family Guy."

And it looks pretty darn funny.

The video below includes clips of the episode, as well as a fit-looking Limbaugh discussing with "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane why he accepted the invitation to be the voice of the Rush character. Essentially, Limbaugh argues that you've got to be able to laugh at yourself. As Limbaugh says, "the show is irreverent and makes fun of everybody."

This is true. The show, like "South Park," tends to mock both political sides fairly equally.

Still, it is interesting that Limbaugh would choose to go on "Family Guy." Limbaugh is a big supporter of Sarah Palin, and as recently as February, Bristol Palin called the show's writers "heartless jerks" for an insensitive joke about Sarah Palin's special needs son, Trig.

You can watch the clip here:



Go Rush! Looks like fun.
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This is the second appearance Rush has done for "Family". He was also in Family Guy:Blue Harvest as a radio talk show host for Tatooine.He is credited for his "appearance" at the end of the cartoon.

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