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Is Barney Frank Nervous? Bill Clinton Coming to Rescue in MA


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Pajamas Media:

Is Barney Frank Nervous? Bill Clinton Coming to Rescue in MA
Barney Frank just blinked, and everyone in Massachusetts knows it.
September 23, 2010 - by Robert Snider

Former President Bill Clinton will appear to endorse Barney Frank in Taunton, MA, on September 26. When he announced President Clinton’s visit, Frank attempted to deflect the inference that he is concerned about the election by asserting that the visit was President Clinton’s idea. Sean Bielat — the young, attractive Republican challenger — accused Frank of “running scared”:

It’s like David and Goliath, and Goliath just got a tag team from his older brother.

Indeed, Bielat, who has a prominent jaw reminiscent of Jay Leno’s, has shown that he can use Frank’s ethical lapses to good effect by using humor and satire and without being mean-spirited.

While Bielat takes heart from Senator Scott Brown’s successful Senate run, Frank appears to be focusing on his real weaknesses. The Democratic politically correct lessons from Martha Coakley’s loss are attributed to Coakley being a poor candidate who ran a bad campaign — no blame is assigned to the policies of the Obama administration. As is the case with Sarah Palin, Coakley’s election victories in Middlesex County for district attorney, her election statewide as attorney general, and her defeat of other elected Democrats in the primary are discounted. She was defeated because she did not campaign hard and did not know enough about the Red Sox.

Frank knows better. He does not underestimate Bielat, nor will he underestimate the real negatives that he faces.snip
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Besides Reid and Pelosi, this would be #3 on by list of congress critters to go.


If the GOP takes Bawney Fwank out, along with Boxer, Reid and Murray, Nov. 2 would be the best night I've had since '94(including having a few VERY romantic evenings with a couple of ex-girlfriends, not at the same time!). My roommate then is a hardcore liberal, and just seeing the look on his face as we were watching the returns on ABC was priceless(we didn't get FNC on our cable channel till '98).


I felt sorry enough for him that I didn't bother trying to rub it in. B)

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