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U.S. IDs North Korean firms supplying WMD components to Iran, Syria


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9.aspEast Asia Intel:


The United States has identified a range of North Korean entities believed to be helping Iran's missile and nuclear programs.


The administration of President Barack Obama has imposed sanctions on five North Korean entities and three individuals linked to Pyongyang's weapons of mass destruction program. The targets were also said to have exported WMD components to Iran, Syria and other clients.


"North Korea has been caught several times making these illicit arms sales, including to Iran and Syria," Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey said.


The North Korean companies included Korea Taesong Trading Co. and Korea Heungjin Trading Co., both based in Pyongyang. Officials said Taesong was acting on behalf of Korea Mining Development Trading Corp. in dealings with Syria while Heungjin was assisting Iran's WMD program.




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