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Iraq: The Story I Can Finally Tell


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Huffington Post:

After spending time in Iraq in June of 2003 as a correspondent for Fox News Channel, there was a story I couldn't tell when I got back home. With our combat troops now out of the country, I'm sure it's safe to share now.

One afternoon, after a full day of reporting and sending stories back to New York, I was sitting out at the pool of the Baghdad Sheraton. This wasn't the kind of Sheraton you would find in New York or London -- in fact, Sheraton didn't own it at all. Saddam had taken control of it after the Gulf War in 1991, and it had become a rundown hotel living on its faded glory as a tourist destination in the 1980s. The electricity, already spotty in a city familiar with rolling blackouts, could be jury-rigged by the hotel staff to get power to certain rooms. But air conditioning was still a wishful thought.


Worth a click to read the rest.
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