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10 Questions with ‘The Closing of the Muslim Mind’ author Robert R. Reilly


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The Daily Caller:


Reilly recently agreed to answer 10 questions about his book and other topics of interest for The Daily Caller:

1) Why did you write the book?

I was fascinated by Bernard Lewis’ book What Went Wrong, in which he chronicles the decline of the Muslim world. I wanted to find out why it went wrong. And, like most Americans, I was galvanized by 9/11 and wanted to search more deeply into the wellsprings of violence in Islam. Since 9/11, I was also working professionally in the area of the Middle East, most particularly on Iraq for the Defense Department.

After years of study and work, I concluded that the Islamism we see today is a spiritual pathology based on a deformed theology that has produced a dysfunctional culture. That is a lot to say in one sentence, but I take 200 pages to explain it. I trace the roots of Islamism back to an intellectual crisis in Islam in the ninth century.


Robert R. Reilly is the author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist. A former director of Voice of America, he now serves as a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council.

I am in the process of reading this book now. while I would not say it is a "MUST READ", I will say that while not a fun or easy read it is well worth the time spent.

For a video of Dr. Reilly on his book Click Here takes a little over an hour.
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