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Maxine Waters’ Blame Game


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Human Events:

Maxine Waters’ Blame Game
by Doug Patton

Just when it appears that no one could possibly get away with blaming former President George W. Bush for even one more thing, another crazed liberal Democrat exercises the right to do just that.

The latest knee-jerk, Bush-bashing excuse came from none other than Rep. Maxine Waters, perhaps the second dumbest member of Congress, right after Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. I know that it is terribly politically incorrect of me to notice their stupidity and race-baiting, since both of them are black and female—especially since they have so much competition in Congress from obtuse white men. But in 2010, it's really more about corruption than it is about race, isn't it?

Not according to Maxine.snip
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If it weren't for Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine "Don't Confuse Me With Facts!" Waters would definitely be the dumbest member of the US House. But, whether she's dumber than Barbara Boxer or Patty Murray is open to debate in the overall contest of "Dumbest Member of the US Congress".


Charlie Rangel is probably guilty of the charges filed against him, but, I'll admit, he's likeable. Maxine is an open racist who hates whites, Republicans, tea-partiers, and anybody else who isn't a liberal extremist. This is why I think Charlie will get a reprimand or censure, but Maxine could well be kicked out of Congress.

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