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Russia — with China — spurn sanctions, resume gasoline shipments to Iran


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me_oil0802_08_20.aspWorld Tribune:


Russia, amid U.S. sanctions, has pledged to resume fuel exports to Iran.

Russia's LukOil has vowed to resume fuel sales to Iran in partnership with China. LukOil, the largest energy contractor in Russia, said the exports would not be blocked by U.S. pressure to halt gasoline sales to Teheran.

Industry sources said LukOil and China's Zhuhai Zhenrong have already begun gasoline shipments to Iran.

The sources said a 250,000-barrel shipment arrived in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in early August.


The United States has warned foreign companies not to sell fuel to Iran. LukOil operates 1,500 gasoline stations in the United States in partnership with ConocoPhillips.



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