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EXCLUSIVE: NCIS Investigating Threats Against Naval Officer


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Fox News:

Naval Criminal Investigative Service has launched a criminal investigation into online threats against the Navy ensign who complained of anti-gay harassment by superiors, the ensign told FoxNews.com.

The threats were posted on a Naval Aviation-themed blog called AirWarriors.com and began following media reports about Naval Inspector General's investigation into Ensign Steve Crowston's allegations, which led to an investigation into the regional inspector general's office who dismissed Crowston's complaints.

Crowston says he met with NCIS investigators for six hours on Thursday and during the meeting he was told that an official criminal investigation had been launched in cooperation with Virginia Beach Police Department.

NCIS officials declined to comment for this story.

On early Saturday morning, a man identifying himself online as Flugelman posted a photo on the AirWarriors.com of a naked man tied to a tree titled “Tree of Woe.” The caption above the photo read, “Send the Fagmiester back to the Goatlocker. We'll take care of him/her/it..."

The caption referenced one of the call sign names suggested by Crowston's fellow squadron mates -- the beginning of what Crowston calls months of anti-gay harassment.

A friend of Crowston's found the post online and alerted him.

"Obviously I was shocked to see it, I was actually so shocked I stepped back from my computer," Crowston said. "It led me to believe it was an active threat."

"I believe in freedom of speech but I believe this threat was overboard and I was extremely concerned that whoever posted this and others would carry out this threat."

Paging Jethro Gibbs!

This is the behavior of a disturbed individual, and a coward.
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