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Time magazine: ‘Hate speech’ against Muslims rising because, uh, we say so.


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Washington Examiner:

Time magazine: ‘Hate speech’ against Muslims rising because, uh, we say so.
Commentary Staff Writer
08/19/10 3:10 PM EDT

This week, Time magazine asks the question, “Does America Have a Muslim Problem?” That’s a ridiculous rhetorical question to ask under any circumstances, but what’s really galling is that the magazine is so eager to engage in yellow journalism to answer a resounding YES!:

Although the American strain of Islamophobia lacks some of the traditional elements of religious persecution — there’s no sign that violence against Muslims is on the rise, for instance — there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that hate speech against Muslims and Islam is growing both more widespread and more heated. Meanwhile, a new TIME–Abt SRBI poll found that 46% of Americans believe Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence against nonbelievers. Only 37% know a Muslim American. Overall, 61% oppose the Park51 project, while just 26% are in favor of it. Just 23% say it would be a symbol of religious tolerance, while 44% say it would be an insult to those who died on 9/11.

Translation: We’ve got ZERO evidence to suggest that Americans irrationally dislike Islam, but we’re going to go ahead and assert the existence of “anecdotal evidence” and cite a bunch of irrelevant polling data to go ahead call the majority of America who oppose the Ground Zero mosque bigots who encourage hate speech.

Well, done Time!
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Geee! thanks for the post!


If only Islam would get rid of that pesky jihaddy, saw their hands & heads off, bury'em in the ground & throw rocks at'em, blow themselves up, shoot you when you're not lookin', 7th Century pedophilia......thingy......there'd be no problems with acceptance.


It also makes it harder when they promise not to do all that stuff.......and Islam allows 'em to lie to you about it.

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