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The Morning Whip-Up


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Repulican Whip/House:

Brand new economic data out this morning has White House advisors fighting over bottles of Prilosec OTC as the first family jets off to Martha’s Vineyard. In an ominous outlook, the Labor Department’s weekly jobless claims report showed an unexpected and striking jump of 500,000. According to reports, economic forecasters had predicted that jobless claims would decline by 4,000. Equally troubling is a story in today’s Wall Street Journal indicating that small businesses saw the highest number of job losses at the end of last year: “Businesses with fewer than 50 employees accounted for 61.8% of all job cuts in the private sector in the fourth quarter.” For weeks now, the Obama Administration has been stubbornly pushing their “Recovery Summer” message. The many economic challenges facing this country require more than cute slogans. Tough, responsible steps must be taken to right the ship.

Now on to the news…

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