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GOP whistleblower lawsuit may spell trouble for Charlie Crist camp


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St. Petersburg Times :

Marc Caputo

Susan Wright, the only Republican Party of Florida staffer who repeatedly questioned lavish spending -- only to be fired -- has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the RPOF. While that's certainly unwelcome for a party that tolerated much of former Chairman Jim Greer's antics for far too long, Wright's lawsuit could have greater political implications for the man who put Greer in and kept him there until the bitter end: Gov. Charlie Crist.

Says Wright's complaint: "The Republican Party also began to use party money to support the senatorial campaign of Charlie Crist. The Republican Party was not supposed to financially support a candidate until after the candidate won the primary. Plaintiff realized that what the Republican Party was doing was illegal. Plaintiff reported these illegal uses of Republican Party resources to her supervisor (Richard) Swarttz."


H/T Hot Air
more found at above link

Also HufPo: Charlie Crist: Thank God I’m no longer a Republican

So are we Charlie...so are we.
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We've got to reduce the number of officials whose names have the letters "chris" in them. Once again, I almost thought this was Chris Christie and nearly had a heart attack. :blink:


Charlie Crist can just fade away as far as I'm concerned.

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