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Robert Redford e-stumps for Boxer


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Washington Examiner:

Robert Redford e-stumps for Boxer
Online Opinion Editor
08/18/10 4:45 PM EDT

Robert Redford sends me a fundraising pitch for Barbara Boxer:

The tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has raised a giant red flag about the environmental challenges we face as a nation — and the disastrous consequences we risk when we fail to act as proper custodians of our planet.

As a longtime environmental advocate, I think it’s great that more people are getting involved. But I place even more value on allies that have been there with us all along, long before cameras were rolling in the Gulf. Allies like Senator Barbara Boxer.

That’s why I recently hosted a fundraising event for Barbara: to make sure her campaign has the resources to defeat Carly Fiorina this fall — so Barbara can win re-election and keep fighting to protect the environment.

President Obama agrees. When the oil was still spewing into the gulf, on the day the memorial services were held for the killed oil workers, Obama knew that the best thing he could do for the environment was to attend a series of glitzy fundraisers for Boxer.
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I don't know about California, but I don't think any RAT outside of that state is going to ask Robert Redford to come over and campaign for them. He's like Bryant Gumbel in that he's poison ivy, he's simply too liberal for the rest of the country to stomach(maybe they could co-host a show on MSNBC, where they praise each other).


If Boxer loses in November, which I'm starting to believe could happen, will she blame Redford?

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