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Caviar and champagne for Obama in Hollywood fund-raising fete


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Washington Examiner:

Morning Bell: Caviar and champagne for Obama in Hollywood fund-raising fete
Editorial Page Editor
08/17/10 10:24 AM EDT

While millions of Americans who gave up looking for jobs months ago sat at home Monday night wondering how in the world they will make ends meet, President Obama was rubbing elbows with the Hollywood Left at a $30,400-per-couple feast of progressive posturing and promises about the November election.

Conn Carroll describes the scene and its significance in today's installment of Morning Bell on the Heritage Foundation's Foundry blog:

"Last night at the Beverly Hills home of 'West Wing' producer John Wells, after the string quartet quieted down, President Barack Obama told the assembled Hollywood elite, who paid $2,500 a person for cocktails and $30,400 a couple for dinner:snip
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