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Offshore quakes have Guam wary


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AGANA, Guam, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Emergency officials on Guam say a series of strong offshore earthquakes in the region have prompted an advisory for islanders to check their emergency supplies.

Guam Homeland Security said Sunday that the 21 quakes recorded in the region in the past few days are a good reason to make sure emergency supply kits are stocked and tsunami evacuation plans are ready.

The Pacific News Center Sunday said the advisory was a response to the shaking going on under the Philippine Sea 200-250 miles from Guam. A series of quakes that began early Saturday produced a magnitude 6.9 shaker that was followed up by two more aftershocks in the 6.0 range.

None of the events was felt on land due to their depth and distance from the island. No tsunami activity was record.

Hank Johnson calls for hearings.
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