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Senior citizen vote trending GOP


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Washington Examiner:

Senior citizen vote trending GOP
Online Opinion Editor
08/13/10 12:50 PM EDT
Blame Obamacare:

Old School: Seniors Likely To Give Dems Bad Midterm Grade


With voters worried about the economy and deficits, and increasingly skeptical of President Obama, polls show Ameri cans favoring Republicans over Democrats on most generic ballot questions. Even worse, seniors are the most disgruntled — and they vote.

A July Quinnipiac survey found that respondents favored Republicans over Democrats for Congress by 43%-38%. The gap was widest among those over age 55, 45%-37%.

Respondents favored the GOP by 48%-44% in a recent Gallup poll. Again the gap was largest among seniors, with those 65 and older preferring the GOP 52%-40%.
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I think I've mentioned this before, but my grandmother(in her '80s), who's voted RAT in every election since Truman beat Dewey in '48, is voting for the GOP in November for the first time in her life. Seniors are very pissed off about Obambicare being rammed down their throats, just like the rest of us, and very worried about Medicare and SS being cut to pay off this fiasco.

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