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Rep. Alan Grayson wants Gibbs fired, calls him ' Bozo the Spokesman


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The Hill:

Rep. Alan Grayson wants Gibbs fired, calls him 'Bozo the Spokesman'
By Jordan Fabian - 08/11/10 04:46 PM ET

Rep. Alan Grayson (Fla.) Wednesday became the second congressional Democrat to call for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' ouster, using colorful moniker to describe him.

Gibbs raised the ire of liberals Tuesday when he told The Hill that some left-wing critics of the Obama administration "ought to be drug tested."

Grayson, who is known for his boisterous comments, called Gibbs "Bozo the Spokesman."

"I don't think he should resign, I think he should be fired. He's done a miserable job," Grayson said on MSNBC. "People I know refer to him as 'Bozo the Spokesman.'"
On Tuesday, Grayson's colleague on the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said that Gibbs' resignation would be "fair" considering the "inflammatory" nature of his comments.

The freshman lawmaker's comments show the ongoing tension between liberal bloggers and activists and Gibbs over his remarks.

Grayson said that Gibbs is not conveying the value of the president's agenda, adding that "he's so far in over his head he'd have to reach up to touch his shoes."

Gibbs did not appear at the daily White House press briefing Tuesday after his remarks were published. The White House said he was ill. Gibbs took questions at the podium Wednesday, and said he has no plans to leave his job.

The press secretary originally said the "professional left" would not be happy unless the U.S. had “Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon.”

Grayson said that Gibbs should turn his attention to the high jobless rate and the Republicans.

"I'd like to see Gibbs show some frustration over 15 million unemployed Americans. I'd like to see him show some frustration over 40 million people who can't see a doctor when they need to," he said. "I'd like to see him show some frustration over the Republicans, who have blocked the president's plans and his programs."snip
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My Twitter response to the article.


Grayson's constituents must be teenagers. I have never heard him make an intelligent statement, ever. 27 minutes ago via web in reply to PoliJAM

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I can't believe it! Robert Gibbs is right about something.



Could this be another sign of the End Times?







Separated at birth?

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-----And Grayson is an EXPERT at Bozos


I know RATS are hypocrites, but for Grayson to call anybody 'Bozo' takes the cake.

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Here is a comment from an unhappy poster on the America blog regarding Gibb's attack on the left:



"This is for Gibbs, Obama, and all those hippie punching "anonymous" sources in the White House....


***ck you.



Real American not on drugs and now, irreversibly, a former Democrat. Drugless, unless you count the prescription for high blood pressure, which given this administration's rank incompetence and backstabbing I just might have to see my doctor to up the dosage.


I can't wait to vote against Obama in 2012. And after this latest attack from Gibbs, any pol I have the chance to vote for in 2010 who either gets direct fundraising or campaigning help from this administration can also go pound sand."

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Grayson calling anyone else "Bozo" could be construed as an endorsement.






Let me fix that for you,


Grayson calling anyone else "Bozo" could should be construed as an endorsement.

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