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Drivers at fault in most 'runaway' Toyota crashes: US study


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Drivers at fault in most 'runaway' Toyota crashes: US study

Drivers were at fault for failing to brake in most of the cases of "runaway" Toyota vehicles investigated by US safety regulators, a report presented to lawmakers Tuesday found.

A review of data recorders from 58 Toyotas involved in crashes where drivers said their cars had sped out of control showed the brakes were not applied at all in 35 cases, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found.

Toyota has seen its reputation badly damaged after it recalled around 10 million vehicles worldwide because of dangerous defects, many involving "sticky" gas pedal problems that could cause vehicles to speed out of control.

The Japanese automaker paid a record 16.4-million-dollar fine earlier this year to settle claims it hid gas pedal defects blamed for more than 50 US deaths and faces a host of civil lawsuits over issues with "unintended acceleration."

US safety regulators said it is too soon to reach any definite conclusions about whether Toyota has solved the problem or if the vehicle's electronic controls could be involved.

"At this early point in its investigation, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) officials have drawn no conclusions about additional causes of unintended acceleration in Toyotas beyond the two defects already known -- pedal entrapment and sticking gas pedals," a briefing note provided to lawmakers said.

The review of crash data is just "one small part" of the government's efforts to "get to the bottom of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles," said Department of Transportation spokeswoman Olivia Alair.

"At the request of Congress, experts at NHTSA and NASA are currently conducting research at labs across the United States to determine whether there are potential electronic or software defects in Toyotas that can cause unintended acceleration."snip
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