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Ashley Judd Doesn’t Speak For All Us Hillbillies


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Big Hollywood:

by Jeffrey Jena

Armed with her Master’s Degree from Harvard, which she earned in less than a year, Ashley Judd is back in public and showing off her smarts. She was recently in Kentucky to protest against a type of coal mining. Everybody, please boo loudly at the evil coal company if you love Mother Gaia.

Seems environmentalist Ms. Judd has a problem with coal mined by the mountain top removal method. Fair enough! I am sure she came to Kentucky, which she claims as her “home” even though she was born in California and has never maintained a residence there in her adult life, by public transport or maybe by carpool.

While giving a speech to the National Press Club last month she tried to poke a little fun at the coal mining folks and a golf event they were hosting by saying, “”I’m not too keen on reinforcing stereotypes about my people, but I don’t know a lot of hillbillies who golf.” Being one of “her people” I would like to tell Ms. Judd that even though she has a phantom degree from U.K. and a quickly earned degree from Harvard, she as we say in the South, “really showed her ass.” For those of you who might not understand that idiom means Ms. Judd has yet again showed her ignorance.

There are a lot of hillbillies who play golf. Kentucky is 19th on the list of states in terms of number of golf courses per 100,000 population, with a total of 315 courses. The PGA tour currently has six players who call Kentucky home: J. B. Holmes, Kenny Perry, John Teater, Russ Cochran, Steve Flesch, and Ted Schulz, three of whom attended Ms. Judd’s alleged alma mater, The University of Kentucky. That’s just Kentucky! I could add in Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina but I don’t want to split hairs. That would add in thousands more golf courses and fifty or sixty more professional players. I’m not too keen on reinforcing stereotypes either but hey we do have a reputation of being ignorant so Ms. Judd fits right in!

As you can imagine, some of the folks at the golf outing were a little miffed! Someone dug out an old picture of Ms. Judd without her clothes on and made a joke about her going topless but not allowing miners to do the same. Hey, I never said it was a good joke. Ms. Judd got a little snippy and broke out some of that fancy Harvard style double speak about how they were belittling her position by exploiting her sexuality. I didn’t really follow it too well as I was distracted by the picture.
I am looking forward to Ms. Judd really making an environmental stand and announcing her husband will be racing this season in a Chevy Volt.
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